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The Soviet nomenclature.


After coming to power of «Lenin guards» its not so numerous members, requiring in mass base, have started to win round natives of rather poor city narrow-mindedness and declass peasants. When the number of the last has exceeded a certain critical size (especially after the "Lenin" appeal declared by Stalin in a party), «old Bolsheviks» have lost authority and have undergone to reprisals. However their great part has escaped, having generated «status intelligence».

In epochs of Khrushchev and Brezhnev the population of cities has sharply grown due to natives of village where the Soviet mode has created bad conditions for a life. The significant part of these peasants has finished high schools, having arranged in building and industrial spheres which became a springboard for the Soviet career.

Status intellectuals, many of which were experts of Communistic bosses, have much made for political defeat of their chiefs (for example, members of GKCHP in 1991). Besides from numbers of elite intelligence and the part of a Komsomol elite connected to it, many oligarchs (for example, Khodorkovsky) have descended. However, «Sharikov’ children», that is the Soviet and party nomenclature has remained the main ruling layer of the country, despite of change of its ideology, social building and names. In their hands there were basic levers of authority, so - and the lion's share of a cumulative Russian resource.

Academician Panarin in his book spoke about «two stages of privatization in Russia». A stage the first: the Soviet nomenclature practically for nothing receives in possession operated to it state property. A stage of the second: this nomenclature on cheap stuff sells this property to the western proprietors, as additional indemnification receiving membership in «world elite». Vadim Tsymbursky has named the second stage of privatization by «Russia recycling».

The given concept explains much in our modern life. So, for example, campaign against «new Russians» in the western press of one of the purposes has decrease in a market rate of the Russian property privatized at the first stage for cheaper subsequent recycling. In turn, Putin’s “patriotism” is «increase of prices» before the potential western buyer. Therefore all of Russian contemporary life is any monstrous hybrid political dictature with gangster capitalism. «Convergence of the best features of both systems J».

To not sell property, probably, officials cannot, for their methods of management are absolutely inadequate to requirements of the twenty first century.

Besides in default from the tenders, the nomenclature would appear in rigid confrontation with the Romano-German world for which she has no neither forces, nor desire. Capitals taken out in America and Europe would undergo confiscations for the benefit of, for example, ecological funds (such conversations from time to time are conducted in the western press). Ideologies for opposition also are not present. And what ideology can be belongs to people which have borrowed their armchairs thanks to communistic demagogy, and then rejected its precisely old peel.

Alex Fantalov.


The leader. A. Fantalov (canvas, on oil).


Russian oligarchies.