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About Coelho.



Reading of books Paulo Coelho is considered attribute of advansed’ person. Certainly, even more advanced people from beau monde, perhaps, would disdain ‘the great Brazilian’, having preferred to it Kundera, Hesse, Umberto
and so on. But Koelo has won mass popularity, and it (in short-term prospect) is much more important. Certainly, it does not promise immortality, but is rather useful for a life.

So, creations by Paulo Coelho are transferred to 56 languages, "Alchemist" appeared in first hundred rating BBC Big Read 100, (after publication of the given information rates of sales of this book have increased more than twice).

 Magazine "Lyre" (March, 1999) has declared its second of the most sold authors of 1998 all over the world.

In 2002 Portuguese “The Magazine de Letras”, informed, that the quantity of the sold copies of "Alchemist" exceeds quantity of the sold copies of any other book ever written on Portuguese.

Naturally, Paulo Coelho has not been bypassed by attention of the mightiest of this world. In particular became the participant of an extraordinary session of the International Economic Forum.

Bill Clinton, (‘the warrior of light’), has said laudatory speech in honor of the great Brazilian at ceremony delivery to that awards Planetary Arts - Planetary arts (!) of the Budapest club in Frankfurt in October, 2002.

What is the reason of this success?

As one "guru" from area of marketing or something was expressed like: “to excel in a life – you should to find corresponding human need and to start to satisfy it”. In particular, many financially secure people (especially childless) presently test existential famine. They are anxious by meaning of the life and ‘personal progress’. Earlier from fear before illogicalness of the world rescueed church. Now numerous art workers New Age try to play this role. And Coelho, this successful simulator of spirituality satisfies this need.

Thus office, bank workers try to connect "personal growth" to increase of a material level. In the Gospel there is the history about some young man. He has approached to Jesus Christ and asked to make him Christ’s pupils. "Left all that you have, and go with us" - was Christ’s answer. The young man has grieved (he was rich) and has departed in confusion. When Jesus has said his historical phrase about reach men.

I think, this well-known phrase of the Christ should be understood in the sense that riches not in itself angrily, but it adheres to the world, building a wall between the person and the god.

Our time is typical an abundance of pseudo-spiritual teachers, which promise to make the adherents successful (in vulgar sense) and "spiritual". Ancient prophets and sacred were severe, they specified to the person its sinfulness. False teachers (a wide structure – including psychoanalysts, modern couchers and so forth) promise the clients to learn "both the capital to get, and innocence to observe" (that very pleasantly to the inhabitant who does not like to accept all consequences of the decisions). "And the god – if he is – will forgive, he is kind". The god, certainly, will forgive. But people indulging their vice, even fine will got Limb – and it too is not sugar (see Dante) waits.

Koelo belongs to false teachers.

By the way, books Paulo are designed, first of all, on carriers of female consciousness. Women organically are well disposed to psychologism. To tell the truth, intellectual women never recognizes as psychologism simplified Coelho’s text. Short of for those boring multipage descriptions vaginal and clitoral orgasm, borrowed from the grant of sex ("11 minutes", and "Veronica decides to die"). But for "the successful woman" - we shall tell, serial actress or the forty-year mistress of drugstore, etc., creations of "the great Brazilian" is the standard of spirituality.

But there is and still very serious reason for promotion of this writer.

Success of Paulo Coelho began in the seventieth years. Then in the world significant process – split of the left intelligence has gone. The left intellectuals have been adjusted anti-bourgeois always. Thus it intellectual (and, partly, moral) the authority was those, what even the high-ranking petty bourgeoisies have been compelled with it to be considered. Besides, the left intellectuals in the West were represented keepers of the Future ideas.

During that epoch Paulo has entered "the Alternative society" – the organization which members denied values of capitalism, declared the right of the individual on free self-expression, and at the same time practiced black magic.

But, already during youth revolution of the sixtieth, there was fatal "substitution". The aspiration to personal, creative freedom began to supersede desire of sexual freedom, and ideas of social reforms – delirium of "psychoanalyze". That is – all the same black magic.

Such metamorphosis very much was suited taste authority propertying and they have started to advance convenient intellectuals in every possible way. The same who has kept fidelity to ideals of a youth, appeared in difficult position. So the alliance of the financial capital and the engaged bohemia (including alongside with representatives of traditionally creative trades and fashion designers, advertisers, polit-tehnologists) which imposes to mankind globalization in its present kind was generated.

So, the tame nonconformism of "the great Brazilian" appeared is rather worthy promotions in the market.


Alex Fantalov.


Lev Gumilev and his passionary theory ethnogenes.

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