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Bipolar Ukraine.


Russian officials like speaks about “the pro-Russian sympathies” of population in post-Soviet space. They attempt to confuse citizens of Russian Federation. There are not such sympathies in Central Asia, in Caucasus, in Ukraine, Moldova and of course in Baltic. There are sympathies pro-Soviet. People senior and middle-aged remember time when (despite of official ideological silly) they were citizens of the great country, instead of doubtful migrants or somebody else it is worse.

Kremlin polit-technologists” also tried to play “the Soviet card” in Ukraine. But, first friends to the USSR well remember, how they were thrown by leaders of “new Russia”. And in the second, the TV of Russia, with its infinite “factory of stars” forms the extremely unpleasant image of this country.

And, therefore, when people sympathizing Russia, try to speak about Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and great Russian culture, their opponents point out "Tattoo" and other modern mass-culture. To object on it there is nothing - a similar grade the pop-music already one and a half ten years is the Russian semi-official organ.

Voters of Ukraine were divided approximately fifty-fifty. The West and mega cities voted for Viktor Yuschenko, the East and industrial territories - for Viktor Yanukovych. And though both Victors on the life way not too strongly differ from each other, being generation Soviet communist-nomenclature, they have connected themselves with different forces in the country.

The nationalists, a top of intelligences, youth keep of Yuschenko side. Oligarchs-intermediaries, the management case, but also simple workers, Russian population of the East voted for Yanukovych. It is possible to tell and so - for Yuschenko people preferring sharp crisis, fraught with danger, for Yanukovych - supporters of stagnation with a mask of "stability". A problem of present Ukrainian authority that the country does not possess the sufficient source of raw materials allowing even at some groups of the population to create illusion of this stability.

Despite of Ukrainian divergention, command Yuschenko managed to break a situation to own advantage. Energetic "Westerners" have actually won the center of the country and capital (which, generally in the cultural, religious, language attitude should gravitate to Russia). And attempts Moscow polit-technologist to play on idea of branch of Donetsk and adjoining areas from Ukraine only testify to a recognition of defeat in the whole, most likely, emissaries of the European Community will persuade leaders of the East to reconcile to inevitability.

To representatives of the Western Ukraine, never it would be possible to win the central areas of the country, if not powerful disappointment in a policy of authorities. Poverty, a bureaucratic arbitrariness, emigration, hundred thousand the women who have appeared on the panel – also is "stability"! At many including in the East of Ukraine, has ripened understanding, that the authority is not capable to offer anything, except for demagogy and cosmetic "improvements". It HAS BOTHERED to people. And even voting for "party in power" very few people was ready to support her in real opposition. All is like Yugoslavia and Georgia.

And again we have seen effectiveness of postmodernist technology of defeating of the corrupt bureaucratic mode that has lost popularity. This technology with success has been tested in Yugoslavia, Georgia, partly Abkhazia. The misfire has left only from Lukashenka.

The West world clear and consistently creates impression at the world, that only it is the carrier of the Project of the Future. Once the alternative project was at the USSR, but the Soviet official has exchanged it for the right «to become the millionaire». Islamic projects compete among themselves and do not possess such attractiveness. China is the country in itself.

The enormous role in all “revolutions” is played with support of the European structures and global elite. The financial, organizational and intellectual help of person such as Soros for Yuschenko’s success is difficult for overestimating. And the American administration of Bush taking place in opposition to these forces has gone in a waterway of another's policy, having borrowed a conditional neutrality (which is more favorable the Ukrainian opposition). The Russian management appeared in isolation.

Attitudes of inhabitants of the Kremlin with Europe (and so not so good because of the Chechen Republic and an alliance with Bush) it seems, are hopelessly spoiled. And “the Putin’s friendship with French or German leaders” here will not change anything. As receiving money from Europeans for oil and gas, the Russian elite transact it in the USA. Including public funds – the notorious stabilization fund of Russia is enclosed in the American securities. But Bush as we have made sure, not so the trustworthy allien. And, despite of a victory over last elections, the archaic policy of republican administration hardly has the future in painful conditions of formation of uniform mankind.

It is the next serious failure of foreign policy of the Russian management (to what however, it is time already and to get used). The Kremlin turns to analogue of Belarus, all is more strongly isolated from World, losing last allies. Only incomes of sale of the oil, allowing is artificial to support a comprehensible standard of living for some social groups in large cities, yes the control over TV, create visibility of stability of a situation. But the prospect of revolution in some years becomes rather real. As Russia, as against Ukraine has no bipolar structure (the West – the East), and reminds Georgia consisting of set of various regions with a mega city in the center.


Alex Fantalov.


Orange revolution.