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Orange revolution.


That's all. “Orange revolution” in Ukraine has come to pass, Yuschenko is the president. Its slogans: “struggle against corruption, increase of a standard of living and membership in the European Community” look rather attractively (an another matter, whether they are feasible).

It is small information. Historians name "Orange" overthrow last king of an unpopular dynasty in England – Jacob 2 by Holland ruler Wilhelm. This revolution is held up as an example Cromwell's with bloody bourgeois revolution.

 Yanukovych is ‘new Ukrainians’, the athlete, with its previous convictions, making money during the privatization period, has lost absolutely (it was amusing to look thus on the Russian officials, a little hastened to congratulate Victor Yanukovych for a victory). This strong like the person, could not offer the potential supporters anything inspiring, except for stagnant new-feudalism, hardly covered quasy - Soviet rhetoric (like Putin).

New-feudalism this is those. The Soviet nomenclature tries to play a role of "aristocracy", membership in which guarantees against the majority of "vicissitudes of life". The burghers are the most part of business (except for frankly nomenclature) and sphere of services. That is all same "middle class". It is well paid, but very much we depend on a political-economical conjuncture.

And, at last – the lowest layers, ‘new poor’. A chess piece that categories nowadays concern to this not only people with a low educational level and ‘pensioners’, but also persons with diplomas doctors in free-of-charge public health services and scientific employees and high school teachers with candidate and doctor's degrees. The salary of the majority of such employees who are not having additional sources of earnings – 150 – 300 euros (at a level of the conductor in the bus).

This situation is consequence monstrous decapitalization the post-Soviet economy. If by objective estimations, if the economy of the USSR made approximately 60% from then American, now the economy of " the new independent states » pulls no more than on 6 %. From here and status decapitalization huge groups of the population.

Thus social layers which or ‘supervise process’ (officials and them), or have sent of it far away (using every possible holes and openings to close which at authorities while hands do not reach) can bear comparison somehow with their analogues in the West (especially after triple increase of salaries and extra charges to officials in 2004). And as the prices and, in general, status charges have property to be tightened under level of incomes of provided people, life "poor" becomes still worse.

Inspired with successes in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, experts on velvet revolutions, begin in good time prepare for the Russian elections. Their problem is that Russian population became very difficult for deducing on streets.

To the aid there can come structures ‘street outsourcing’. They are ready for good money to deliver group of young people for mass meeting on meetings with the purpose of display on TV of ‘national discontent’. However, similar political simulacres (in our postmodernist century many policies like it very much) require addition with "real".

Yuschenko has won Yanukovych not only because its technologists are more competent Russian worked from mass-media; not only because for it it has been sent more voices (whether so - we never learn, yes it and is not important). The main thing that "orange" were ready to the most resolute actions, and "white-blue" - is not. And the Ukrainian officials at all levels, having seen (besides maintained by the Western world) to run across such determination began quickly-quickly on their party (just as in Russia they have run across from Gorbachev to Eltsin's party in 1991).

One more problem of technologists of supposed revolution is the rate on the leader. Western politics understand what to give serious money to tradition opposition in Russian federation, whether it is chronic “democrats” like Boris Nemtsov, or Gennady Zyuganov (the main holder of a communistic brand) senselessly – they will spend them for satisfaction of personal needs. Therefore, probably, the choice has been made for the benefit of capable independent person. We shall recollect Saakashvili in Georgia. Well, in Russia there were precedents – since Vladimir Lenin who was found out about February from newspapers.


Alex Fantalov.


The Loser. (Alex Fantalov, oil on canvas).


Russian oligarchies.