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"Night patrol".


Some fantastic books have predicted disintegration of the Soviet empire and settling of its space by phantoms. And here now, the visionary of our illusive epoch writes "illusive" books and on them "illusive" films are removed.

So, we can see Timur Bekmambetov's film (by Sergey Lukyanenko's book plot) «Night patrol». Film, on a plan of its founders is the large Russian project great values (“our answer to Hollywood”). It has left simultaneously at three hundred twenty five cinemas of the country. The Internet is overflown with laudatory reviews.

But I was interested in impressions of spectators. They are different. Widespread enough – “the plot of the book is spoiled”. One my familiar was expressed laconic all: "Disgustingly". You will not tell more precisely, but I shall add: “blood and slime”. The aesthetics of blood penetrates all picture. Heroes (both negative and positive) not only actively drink blood (human, pork, etc.). They still also start up her at each opportunity, and smear on own surface and a surface of surrounding subjects with pleasure. The phrase of the father-vampire has especially moved one reviewer: “It is warm still…” said as if it was vodka (what is realism!). And even, when, at all desire, in any way it is not possible to enter the given substance in the staff, to us show certain details (elements of clothes, etc.) blood-scarlet color. “Also blood flows, there is a war …”. It is quintessence of film, as well as worlds “Years have passed, Gorodetsky does not grieve, drinks vodka, vampires are his friends. His chief is good (the wisest Geser, who was the deputy minister in the USSR”).

So, film has turned out to absolutely corresponding moral-aesthetic predilections of new Russians. They are group of the "advanced" comrades, who have been ruling unfortunate Russian people last years. And again poor Russia ahead of a steam locomotive, its real and virtual space serves as range for working off of the most perfect and immoral forms of political technologies which then successfully take root in other countries.

But all the same, what contrast, in comparison with others ‘prime-ministers of a season’ – American “Troy” and “Harry Potter 3”. Despite of any annoying trifles “Troy” is the magnificent entertainment film expressing if not the letter, spirit of "Iliad" by Homer. "Potter" is excellent, children' film-fairy tale with dexterously twirled plot and competent special effects. And "Night patrol" leaves sensation of something hastily. Quality of the advertised special effects doubtful, actors play not better football players.

Some people spoke that without of reading the book to understand plot of "Night patrol” it is difficult enough, I have tried to familiarize with Lukyanenko's creations.

Anyway, having run eyes all three "patrols", I can confirm opinion of many: "it is read easily". To tell the truth, not everything, that is written easily, is the literature (as, however, and not everything, that is difficult J).

Bekmambetov’s film it is valid under the script it is a little bit distinct from books, but the spirit expresses them truly enough. Even with even big condensation (the changes brought in the script, only strengthen idea of all "patrols"). A thread Lukyanenko have reasonings that dark magicians not too plohi, that at them are «the truth». And in “Twilight patrol”, a finishing part of the trilogy, it is found out, that "Light", as a matter of fact, as parasitize in public, as vampires and dark magicians. It is quite in spirit of postmodern pluralism.

There is in film it is clear from the first staff picturing troops "Geser", pulling for itself on a cord poor women ("witch") for severe punishment - by the way, the author of "Twilight patrol” was not kept there from the corresponding insult to address of Jeanne D' Ark. In general, both film, and books about patrols bring the powerful contribution, on the one hand, in kindling psychoses and superstitious fears under the attitude to every possible psychics and sorcerers, (“you strike magic me, and I strike you to your eye!”); on the other hand, actually, advertise specialists for occult commerce.

In general, heightened interest to magic represents fair recourse for in spiritual history of mankind it is only initial step which have followed polytheism and monotheism.

By the way, concerning names of two main antipodes - Geser and Zavulon. If to trust the Internet, Lukyanenko has found their twice having opened the Mythological dictionary on the first got pages. It is similar to the truth as if Tibet-Mongolian hero Heser (the son Heavenly lords, sovereign of four cardinal points, the Messiah, the fighter of demons and monsters) still can be somehow perceived as the chief of Moscow good powers, but as for the chief of Moscow dark powers Zebulon (name by one of twelve sons of Biblical Iakov) it is blasphemy.


Alex Fantalov.


The future is wild.