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Types of swindlers of Dostoevsky's novels.


Fyodor Dostoevsky is Russian cult writer. The TV set "Idiot" (received premium by Solzhenitsyn) has risen selling of Dostoevsky's novels (his book were read not very often) a little. Film really quite good (especially, in comparison with the general background of new RussianTV production) though does not hold out up to a level Soviet TV set "Teenager".

Let me to speak about express type of "swindler" in Dostoevsky's novels.

The swindler is the characteristic character of Great Russian writer’s books. And we can build the whole gallery of similar types in basic of their increase politization.

At the bottom level is Lambert from the novel "The Adolescent". His actions have got exclusively criminal character (theft, blackmail, etc.).

Further Stebelkov goes ("The Adolescent" also) who as for his employment is like Lambert, however he interesten in considerably adjusted youth groups (alas, to make the paid denunciation).

There is Luzhin following in list (“Crime and Punishment”) - not taken place groom of Raskolnikov’s sister. Actually, He is not the professional swindler, but "businessman" (my be official - a side rather unsteady). However Luzhin is interested in liberals in the most genuine image, expecting perspectives of this movement. Only his some tricks is swindler ship (for example, he offered poor girl money – “in the help to family” in order to accuse her of theft then).

More high modus politization shows us Rakitin - the character from “The Brothers Karamazov”. It shows the most characteristic image of the liberal hardhead-publicist, especially disgusting to Dostoevsky (and especially modern). Rakitin does not shun secretly to take money from the Pear (the relative) and, then, to hold up to shame her on court. In the career-roguish purposes it tries to use and Dmitry Karamazov (with doubtful success).

And, at last, crowns our gallery a monumental image Peter Verhovensky (“Devils” - “Besy”). On the one hand, he is the professional "revolutionary" using some ideology and putting global political ends. But, thus, Verhovensky’s methods carry excessively roguish and criminal character.


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