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I have tried to apply the theory on the countries which have been not considered by Lev Nikolayevich Gumilev.

For example Cambodia. Till 6 centuries AD in the south of Indochina there was a civilized state Funan, with refined culture. In 6 century to the north from it vassal princedom Chenla (it is possible to tell – ‘in result passionary push’) has sharply amplified before. It subordinates Funan, and begins expansion on the north of peninsula Indochina – ‘a phase of rise’.

To the middle of 9 centuries AD possession Chenla reach almost all Indochina. Historians name the country of this period Angkor empire.

The phase of rise has borrowed 250-300 years (that corresponds to Gumilev ‘s theory). In 9 century began construction monumental Hindu temples, (which till now amaze imagination). From the point of view of the period of development typologically they correspond to Gothic cathedrals in Europe, and are expression of the collected energy ancient Khmers.

This collected energy translates ethnos in ‘acmatic phase’. Creation of more and more monumental constructions proceeds, top here is enormous Angkor-Vat – the main temple of empire. It has been created at king Suryavarman II (first half of 12 centuries) which conducted numerous aggressive wars with neighbors (Southern and Northern Vietnam).

Wars and ambitious construction have ruined the country which has entered the first period smut, accompanied with intrusion of soldiers of Southern Vietnam.

From crisis the Angkor Empire is deduced by King Jayavarman YII. It gromit neighbours also builds last great templeBayon. In Bayon there is no such severity and clearness, it is more chaotic and bears features of the reference to the Buddhism (begun at this king).

Jayavarman YII was last great governor of empire. After its long board (1181 – 1218) the country enters in new, this time long crisis – ‘the period of a break’. Thus, acmatic phase’ was prolonged also 250 – 300 years.

During a break the Thais interfere from the north, having created on territory of the country the state – Thailand. Vietnam has become independency. Cambodia is included into the modern borders.

In the beginning of 16 centuries in territory of the country there is a strong national state. New Cambodia successfully reflects intrusions from the east and the West, Europeans mark rather high standard of well-being of the population. The basic religion is the Buddhism henceforth.

Well-being of Cambodia was prolonged prior to the beginning of 18 centuries. This period can be correlated with ‘an inertial phase’ on Gumilevu. Then decline – convolution (‘obscuration’ according to Gumilev) has began - agonizing phase.

At first Cambodia turns to arena of struggle between neighbours – Vietnam and Thailand. Then it is occupied by France. During the Second World War the Japanese soldiers have visited land.

But also the restored kingdom has not found happiness. King Sihanouk has renounced authority and was selected the president of the country (with the populist-socialist program). Then it was will overthrow the pro-American protege Lon Nol, trying to carry out ‘liberal modernization’ (which anywhere, including in Russia anything good has not brought). The American advisers have generated Lon Nol big army which carried out retaliatory actions against Vietnamese guerrilla. And the aircraft of the USA bombed these woods (here special "merit" of Nobel winner Henry Kissinger), some hundreds thousand peasants why were lost.

In village hatred to cities which chastisers left began to grow. Ground this hatred as the monstrous mushroom has grown the Pol Pot. It has destroyed all other guerrilla leaders, has broken Lon Nol and has borrowed cities then at 24 o'clock has moved all inhabitants in jungle.

The population of the country has been divided into three categories. The first – "undermen" was subject to full eradication. Here concerned, members of royal family, monks, intelligency, officers, bourgeoisie, communists – a word, everything a little allocated from masses.

Members of the second category (basically – inhabitants of cities) were subject to re-education on labour works in jungle, and to selective eradication.

At last, the third category – poor peasants and backward tribes were considered as a support of a mode. But later and against them retaliatory actions have started to be carried out.

The Vietnamese army – the best in the world on stability and endurance has released “Democratic Kampuchea”. For three years of the board the Floor Sweat, Ieng Sary, Khieu Samphan, and other figures (many of which have finished Parisian Sorbonne!) have destroyed from one and a half (the western data) up to three millions person (the Soviet data).

Now the population of the country makes about four millions (in 12 century the population of one capital – Angkor totaled 700 thousand person). It is possible to assume, that the ethnos was included in a condition of a homeostasis (on Gumilev) – balance with an environment.

Certainly, above-stated it is possible to count all ‘adjustment of materials’, but to make though, something better, than to not do anything. The modern researcher should pass in the narrow way between Haribda pseudo-scientific demagogy and Scylla of limited specializations.


Alex Fantalov.


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